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My Name is Adam Curry

Welcome to, where I live in the digital world. I started in radio at 15 and worked in MSM radio and television for 25 years, started several companies, took one of them public in 1996, until I saw the light. I live in Austin Texas, I rarely set an alarm, and I am a firm believer that the Universe will provide. See what others say about me on wikipedia by selecting 'Bio' from the menu bar.

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My Blog

When I have something to say, I post it in my blog. This is also where I post recent episodes of my Podcasts like No Agenda and The Big Book Show

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My Podcast

For 9 years running, I co-host and produce the No Agenda Podcast with John C Dvorak. Each episode contains 2.5 hours of Media Assassination

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My Job

I am a Government Legislation Analyst. I love dissecting laws and legal documents to provide Real News. There are many of us.

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